Our Approach

Leaping Lizards’ approach is based upon learning through play using the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework for our curriculum.

We recognise that each child is unique and will develop best at their own pace. Therefore, we always encourage, but never force, children to join in with the activities on offer. Leaping Lizards has a wide range of up-to-date resources which are available to the children at any time so there is always something else for them to do.

Our child-centred approach also means that, working in close partnership with parents, we can set developmental plans specific to the needs and interests of each child. For instance, through regular observations we may notice that a child shows a great interest in Thomas the Tank Engine and we can then incorporate Thomas (and his friends!) into our planning. This helps the child be more interested in, and therefore get the most out of, the activities he/she engages in.

Most importantly, we offer children all the love and support they need in these all important early years, from the very young babies we care for, to the children close to school age,